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Nova Find App User Interface mit den Möglichkeiten Fund erfassen, Funde, Verluste, Verständigungen, Kassenbuch, Barcodes.


Over 2,500 customers in 7 European countries have already found Nova Find

More than 2,500 lost and found offices in 7 European countries have already found the right solution with Nova Find. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol/Italy, we connect searchers and finders on nationwide lost property service pages.

All fields of application

Nova Find in cities and towns

Municipal lost and found services are certainly still among the most important places to go for finds and losses. Depending on the number of inhabitants, the annual volume of lost property varies, but the principle always remains the same: lose, find, manage, return or auction. With Nova Find, all these processes are simplified and made more cost and time efficient.

How we connect seekers and finders? Learn more about Nova Find in cities and towns!

Search and find in transportation

On the road, by rail, water or air, there are unfortunately many ways to fall by the wayside. When things go astray, we find appropriate shortcuts between ownership and owner:in.

How we connect seekers and finders? Learn more about Nova Find in transport!

Nova Find in Public

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, wallets, laptops and keys often get left behind somewhere along the way: in squares, streets, markets or parks. Nova Find offers fast help in case of need – ideal for all finds and losses in public places and rooms.

How we connect seekers and finders? Learn more about Nova Find in the public space!

Nova Find at events

From international conferences to major sporting events. When many people come together, something always gets left behind. Reunite lost and owner:in – fast, easy and uncomplicated for all sides. This not only saves time and money, but also strengthens your image as a professional, service-oriented organizer.

How we connect seekers and finders? Learn more about Nova Find in cities and towns!

Search and find experience

Already represented in 7 European countries

First in Austria, then in Switzerland and now in Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

+2,500 lost and found offices use Nova Find

Nova Find’s solutions make everyday work easier in over 2,500 lost and found offices.

+30 million citizens:inside benefit

Due to its wide reach, more than 30 million citizens are served.

5 billion passengers:inside and
Customers use Nova Find annually

Nova Find is also benefiting the travel industry.

Ein Handy wird in der Hand gehalten und zeigt die Oberfläche von der Nova Find Software, wo ein Fund erfasst werden kann.

Advantages and functions

More than ONLY software

Personal support & trainings

The introduction of a new software can offer one or two entry hurdles. Thus, we are at your side with training and support.

Free Nova Find Whitepapers

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We look behind the scenes of the lost and found offices, let you smile about curious found objects and marvel at stories from everyday life.

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Nova Find Software Screen, welches die Funktionen der Software zeigt. Wie Fund erfassen, Funde, Verluste, Verständigungen, E-Mail Partnerfirma, Kassenbuch, Barcodes.
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