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The Deutsche Bahn Group is one of the world’s leading mobility and logistics companies with more than 4.6 billion passengers a year and around 331,600 employees worldwide.


More than 250,000 lost and found items annually

> 50% return rate

Online loss report with item categories and characteristics

Automatic matching of found and lost reports

Multilingualism in acquisition and matching

Automated communications

Efficient management of found objects

Nova Find at DB

Nova Find, the lost and found software as a digital transformer for better service quality

“Smartphones, backpacks, suitcases and wallets are among the most frequently lost items on trains and in train stations. But keys, glasses, tablets and ID cards are also lost very often,” says the product manager in Deutsche Bahn AG’s lost property management. “With these personal items, every minute counts to continue the journey in a relaxed manner.” Because in the online age, passengers expect all services as quickly as possible. As a result, the expectations placed on an efficient funds service have also risen enormously. If lost items can be returned immediately, the passenger is happy and Deutsche Bahn’s service concept is perfectly implemented.  

The challenges in practice

“Whether it’s a bike, a Radl or a Velo, Deutsche Bahn now finds this assignment much easier thanks to Nova Find, our web-based lost and found solution.” Christoph Unger, RUBICON IT GmbH   “More than 250,000 lost and found items are recorded at Deutsche Bahn every year,” explains the product manager. “It is often not clear when and where a passenger has boarded, changed or disembarked. Trains cross national borders, there are no regional boundaries.” In addition, lost items are often described in very different ways. Color, size and appearance are subjective. This makes it difficult to merge lost and found reports.   “Whether it’s a bicycle, a bike or a bicycle, Deutsche Bahn now finds this assignment much easier thanks to Nova Find, our web-based lost and found solution,” says Christoph Unger of RUBICON IT GmbH. Deutsche Bahn has been relying on Nova Find since August 2019 and the expectations of a high hit rate have already been met after two months. The simple, standardized recording of loss reports using predefined item categories and characteristics ensures high data quality. This also increases the probability of a matching hit when matching with the found reports. Nova Find recognizes both different names for the same item such as cell phone, mobile, smartphone or cellular phone, as well as when a typo happens and the cell phone becomes the hendy.

“With Europe’s leading lost and found solution Nova Find, RUBICON is exactly the right partner for such projects. We see Nova Find as a “digital transformer

Head of the DB Lost and Found Office Wuppertal

Win-win thanks to digital communication

  Anyone who has lost an item can immediately report the loss online on the Lost&Found platform via smartphone, tablet or laptop. Nova Find provides support with object categories and feature descriptions to simplify the process. Each loss report is automatically matched against all existing lost and found reports and if a match is found, the passenger is immediately notified via email or SMS. Automated communication reduces the effort required in this regard at Deutsche Bahn’s lost and found office. It will be easier and more efficient for both passengers and the lost property service: a win-win situation.  

Automatic hit matching ensures fast assignment

  “Nova Find checks every loss report for matches with existing lost and found items and displays the possible matching items whose descriptions and characteristics could match,” Christoph Unger explains the sophisticated search technology in more detail. “If there is no matching find at the time of the loss report, it is always compared with later find reports. During this follow-up search, the customer is also automatically informed if there is a match.”   Also during the entry of finds reports durc

All fields of application

Nova Find in cities and towns

Municipal lost and found services are certainly still among the most important places to go for finds and losses. Depending on the number of inhabitants, the annual volume of lost property varies, but the principle always remains the same: lose, find, manage, return or auction. With Nova Find, all these processes are simplified and made more cost and time efficient.

How we connect seekers and finders? Learn more about Nova Find in cities and towns!

Search and find in transportation

On the road, by rail, water or air, there are unfortunately many ways to fall by the wayside. When things go astray, we find appropriate shortcuts between ownership and owner:in.

How we connect seekers and finders? Learn more about Nova Find in transport!

Nova Find in Public

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, wallets, laptops and keys often get left behind somewhere along the way: in squares, streets, markets or parks. Nova Find offers fast help in case of need – ideal for all finds and losses in public places and rooms.

How we connect seekers and finders? Learn more about Nova Find in the public space!

Nova Find at events

From international conferences to major sporting events. When many people come together, something always gets left behind. Reunite lost and owner:in – fast, easy and uncomplicated for all sides. This not only saves time and money, but also strengthens your image as a professional, service-oriented organizer.

How we connect seekers and finders? Learn more about Nova Find in cities and towns!

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