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The path to the digital smart city

Modern cities and communities need innovative tools to operate sustainably and efficiently. Digitization provides precisely the tools that make this possible. But what is the best place to start? In the whitepaper you will learn the first five steps for a successful start.
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The finding – the quick success

The introduction of a modern lost and found software is ideally suited for the start into the digital future. In this way, you can offer your citizens a modern online lost and found service and at the same time relieve your employees in the lost and found office. Learn more about the features and benefits in the whitepaper.
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Digital transformation checklist

What points need to be considered on the path to successful digital transformation? In the whitepaper, you will find a practical checklist on the technical basics that you can go through step by step. Good luck with the implementation!
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OZG – Lost and found

The Online Access Act (OZG) obliges the German administration to also offer its services digitally to users, citizens and companies by the end of 2022. This white paper describes how partners, states and local authorities can benefit, what opportunities they have to participate and how they can easily integrate modern technologies such as Nova Find into their IT landscape:
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Looking for the right solution? Discover Nova Find and all its smart features and benefits!

Nova Find Software Screen, welches die Funktionen der Software zeigt. Wie Fund erfassen, Funde, Verluste, Verständigungen, E-Mail Partnerfirma, Kassenbuch, Barcodes.
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