Test versionBasicProEnterprise
Unlimited userscheckcheckcheckcheck
Reporting of lost and found itemscheckcheckcheckcheck
Automatic, trans-regional, multilingual matching systemcheckcheckcheckcheck
Auditing and data protection-compliant historicisationcheckcheckcheckcheck
Standard reports and document templatescheckcheckcheckcheck
Auction salescheckcheckcheckcheck
Shipping of itemscheckcheckcheckcheck
Use of barcodescheckcheckcheckcheck
Comprehensive authorization conceptcheckcheckcheckcheck
Site inventory administrationcheckcheck
Multi-site inventory administrationcheckcheck
Individual loss reportingcheckcheck
Image capturing and linkingcheckcheck
Internal logisticscheck
Mobile app for recording found items and inventory administrationcheck
Parking of items at external locationscheck
Editable document templatescheck
Test version Basic Pro Enterprise
For local authoritiesprice scaling system, based on annual number of inhabitants (net, plus VAT)  €0 from €110,– from €137,50 from €343,75
For transport operators and all other organisations per found-item reportFixed annual rate + quarterly billing based on the number of found-item reports on the system each quarter Fixed rate + €0per found-item report Fixed rate + €0,55per found-item report Fixed rate + €0,77per found-item report Fixed rate + €1,10per found-item report
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