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Market leader in Europe

Since 2003, we’ve been intensively involved in lost property: firstly in Austria, then in Switzerland and now also in Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. Our solutions make the job easier for more than 2,500 lost property offices, which service more than 30 million people and over 5 billion passengers and customers every year.

This growth makes us not only the market leader in Europe, but has also shown us how important this seemingly mundane topic actually is.

What motivates us

Adding value!

Adding value for your lost property office

Adding value for the people using the lost & found service, as our lost property software means that office staff can do their jobs more efficiently, quickly and at lower cost, thus providing a better service to customers, passengers and the public at large.

We offer training, advice and support for a sustainable long-term collaboration.

Adding value for the public

Adding value for ordinary people, customers and passengers, who can quickly obtain help in an emergency thanks to our easy to use, barrier-free online applications.

Our “easyfind” tagging system is also a quick, simple, GDPR-compliant way to protect yourself against loss.

Adding value for mobile workers

Adding value for all the conductors, bus drivers and many other workers whose jobs involve daily travel, thanks to our direct, simple, easy to use mobile app.

Adding value for the environment

Retrieving an item instead of buying a new one not only saves money – it also helps the environment.

Retrieving an item instead of buying a new one not only saves money – it also helps the environment.

Sustainability, instead of using resources unnecessarily.

Adding value for our staff

Agility, flexibility and a family-friendly, team-oriented approach are the qualities we strive for every day, and which help us to give of our best.

Our vision

No faffing, we get the job done! We want to revolutionize the way Europe deals with lost property. A networked, nationwide platform that’s available 24/7. We want to take what is already a reality in German-speaking countries to the rest of Europe. And who knows, maybe even further afield!

Our team

We’re a motley bunch! Software development, product management, consulting, sales, marketing and accounting: all of us are professionals in our chosen fields. We all pull together, spurring each other on to perform to the very best of our ability.

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Our partners

We know our limits. We also know how important it is to have partners who are not only competent, but also local. Across Europe, we work with knowledgeable local partners who can provide you with support and advice in your own region.