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Lost property software within the framework of the OZG

Any public corporation in Germany that operates a lost and found office can now use Nova Find via individual retrievals using EVB IT Cloud and AVV contracts, saving them from having to issue a tender themselves.

The lost property platform offers a comprehensive mapping of the entire procedure for the implementation of the regulatory process in lost property matters pursuant to § 965 et seq. German Civil Code (BGB) and includes the relevant administrative services according to the service catalog of the public administration.

These services include:

  • Online service with integrated specialized procedure
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Provision of support services
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The Free State of Saxony has taken the lead in the field of lost property within the framework of the Online Access Act (OZG)

Nova Find from RUBICON provides the one-for-all service that was awarded through the framework contract.

Nova Find explained in 2 minutes

The lost property platform is a central, web-based application for citizens (finders and losers) as well as for authorities (lost and found offices), with the purpose of managing found and lost property and returning it to the owners in a timely manner.

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The advantages at a glance
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Legal compliance

Nova Find maps the entire regulatory procedure for lost property matters in accordance with § 965 ff. BGB (German Civil Code).

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After all known data on the found object has been entered, a clear summary of the recorded found object is displayed. In the course of recording the lost property report, it is automatically compared with all existing loss reports in the system in order to make possible matches immediately apparent.

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The networking of all participating lost and found offices with citizens is carried out with the help of automatic matching, in compliance with all data protection regulations, in particular the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. the GDPR.

Data (especially personal data) on lost property reports are always stored in the context of the respective client of the responsible lost and found office and are not passed on to third parties. Data recorded by citizens in central portals (especially contact data in the context of lost and found reports) is only retrieved and made accessible in case of need (hit suggestion) for detailed comparison by users in lost and found offices.


The lost property platform Nova Find automatically informs them when communication with citizens is required (e.g. informing the owner about the discovery of an object).

Notifications can be sent directly from the system on the basis of stored document templates via e-mail or letter. Document templates can be adapted to individual needs through customizing (e.g. letterhead and coat of arms).

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Warehouse management

The Nova Find lost property platform supports inventory management for warehouse management (in the context of the storage of lost property).

The on-site storage structure can be configured independently and stored in the system, so that it is clear at any time where a lost property is located in the warehouse.

Lost property tags can be created from the system to identify lost property. These can also be barcoded to further simplify handling by barcode scanners.

Many other advantages, such as...

We will be happy to inform you about Nova Find!

Technical design


Deployment as SaaS

Nova Find’s lost property platform is provided as a software-as-a-service solution by RUBICON. Technical operations are carried out in our own DSGVO-compliant and ISO 27001-certified data centers. Data is stored securely in system databases within these data centers and there is no unencrypted transmission or storage outside of these systems. No external cloud systems are used.

Privacy and security

Nova Find guarantees the protection of personal data and complies with all applicable data protection and information security regulations throughout the performance period. If the requirements change, the platform will be adjusted in time and accordingly.

When RUBICON acts as a processor, data protection compliance is ensured and a processing contract is concluded in accordance with Article 28(3) of the GDPR. All data is stored and processed exclusively within the EU, the EEA and, if applicable, Switzerland.


Data management

The multi-tenant lost property platform Nova Find separates the data and users of each system environment from others to protect access by external clients or individuals. Each authorized user receives their own multi-tenant platform.

In addition, there is a central, client-independent database where loss reports can be collected and viewed by users (citizens and lost and found offices). The lost and found reports are stored decentrally at the respective lost and found offices, depending on the client.

Project flow

In 5 steps to Nova Find

Nova Find adapts to your needs. Choose from different offerings: Basic, Essential and Pro – ideal for small, medium and large lost and found offices. The Essential and Pro offerings are tailored for lost and found services that record more than 5,000 lost and found items per year. A detailed list of all features of the respective offers can be found clearly sorted here.

The usual turnaround time for this is around 2 weeks.

1. calculate costs and obtain information
2. express interest via the web form
3. receive and sign contract documents
4. receive access data to Nova Find
5. lost and found office digitalized OZG compliant!
Preis pro Jahr0,045€/EW
zzgl. EInmalkosten
zzgl. EInmalkosten
Unbegrenzte Nutzer:innenJaJa
Fund- & VerlusterfassungJaJa
Automatischer, überregionaler TrefferabgleichJaJa
Revisions- und datenschutzkonforme HistorisierungJaJa
Standardberichte und DokumentenvorlagenJaJa
Verwendung von BarcodesJaJa
Versand von GegenständenJaJa
Umfangreiches BerechtigungskonzeptJaJa
Lagerverwaltung für mehrere StandorteJaJa
Anpassbare DokumentenvorlagenNeinJa
Erfassen und zuordnen von BildernNeinJa
Preis pro Jahr0,045€/EW
zzgl. EInmalkosten
zzgl. EInmalkosten

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