S-Bahn Berlin

The S-Bahn Berlin GmbH transports over 436 million passengers per year. The 327-kilometer route network with 166 stations is served by 16 lines. Around 600 lost and found items are recorded in the central lost and found office each month.


Around 8,000 lost and found items annually

> 50% return rate

Mobile discovery via app

Automatic matching of found and lost reports

Prefabricated understandings

Efficient warehouse management

Nova Find in Berlin

S-Bahn Berlin GmbH relies on Europe’s leading lost and found solution Nova Find from RUBICON. Around 8,000 lost and found items are managed annually with the help of the software. In September 2018, the entire lost and found system at S-Bahn Berlin was put on a new footing. Not only was the new lost and found office opened together with the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), but the entire software was also renewed at the same time. An organizational challenge in many respects. All valuables lost by the approximately 436 million passengers per year on the 16 S-Bahn lines and 166 stations are now managed with RUBICON’s web-based lost and found solution Nova Find. This is available to S-Bahn Berlin on request in the form of a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

Public Nova Find search mask

Passengers have access to an intuitive, barrier-free search mask on the S-Bahn Berlin GmbH website, where they can create their own loss reports for forgotten or lost items. A loss case can be easily captured on all popular devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop) thanks to the modern design. Categories optimized for rapid transit operations are available in a wizard form for guided data entry. The lost property is automatically compared with the existing lost property on the basis of defined characteristics. The loss reporter immediately receives a hit list weighted by match. In this way, a possible hit can already be offered in the course of the loss report in terms of efficient customer service.

Mobile app for employees

The smartphone app is used for the rapid registration of lost property by train drivers, mobile staff and mobile emergency services directly on the train or at the station. The find is provided with a barcode and is fully traceable in the further course. Thus, Nova Find also supports employees on the line to quickly and easily record lost property.

“Many work steps have been simplified. We can now help our customers even faster in case of loss. Thanks to the good cooperation with RUBICON, the new lost and found software could be implemented within only 2 months.”

Jens Gerasch
– Station Management and Project Manager of S-Bahn Berlin GmbH
This considerably reduces the time between the find and the physical handover at the lost and found office, and the owner gets his property back more quickly. When it comes to personal valuables such as cell phones, keys or wallets, every minute counts.  
Software screen of the Nova Find lost and found app for S-Bahn Berlin. Screen shows the input fields barcode, category, loss location and remark.

Internal system

In the main system, the employees of the central lost and found office of the S-Bahn Berlin manage all lost property. As in the public search mask, customized categories are available to describe the item. There is also an immediate automatic comparison with the existing lost items. In the event of a hit, the owner is automatically notified by means of pre-written letters. This means that many previously manual work steps can be carried out more efficiently. Automatic notifications provide an information service for the loss reporter, through which active customer service can be provided.

Support during implementation and beyond

The introduction of new software is a big and not always easy step. Especially when it comes with an organizational challenge, like opening a new lost and found office. The lost and found employees were therefore also accompanied during the introduction of Nova Find. There was extensive training for users and administrators, and during pilot operations, RUBICON staff provided on-site and remote support. Nova Find is operated in RUBICON’s IS027001-certified data center.

All fields of application

Nova Find in cities and towns

Municipal lost and found services are certainly still among the most important places to go for finds and losses. Depending on the number of inhabitants, the annual volume of lost property varies, but the principle always remains the same: lose, find, manage, return or auction. With Nova Find, all these processes are simplified and made more cost and time efficient.

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Search and find in transportation

On the road, by rail, water or air, there are unfortunately many ways to fall by the wayside. When things go astray, we find appropriate shortcuts between ownership and owner:in.

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Nova Find in Public

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, wallets, laptops and keys often get left behind somewhere along the way: in squares, streets, markets or parks. Nova Find offers fast help in case of need – ideal for all finds and losses in public places and rooms.

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Nova Find at events

From international conferences to major sporting events. When many people come together, something always gets left behind. Reunite lost and owner:in – fast, easy and uncomplicated for all sides. This not only saves time and money, but also strengthens your image as a professional, service-oriented organizer.

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