Our solution

We’re all about cutting-edge Lost Property services!

With the lost and found software Nova Find, you offer your citizens, passengers and employees a contemporary and GDPR-compliant service at the highest level. The focus is on sophisticated search technology, high return rates, simple management of found objects, reduced communication costs and short storage times to reduce storage costs. But above all: Online search in all participating databases.

How does Nova Find work? Youtube video
  • 7 European countries
  • 2,500 lost property offices
  • over 30 million citizens
  • over 5 billion passengers and customers every year

Our solutions are more than just software. We adopt a holistic approach, which is addressed to ANYONE working with lost & found procedures.

This includes lost property office staff, bus drivers, conductors and people working in other mobile occupations, who come across all kinds of lost objects on a daily basis.

Naturally, our solutions also consider the “losers” and finders, who might be people in your town or city, passengers using your transport service, or the customers of your business.

Our lost property service has just ONE target group – all of us.

Want to learn more? Here you’ll find what you’re looking for!

The software

On average, a found item is logged every 30 seconds.

Nova Find, a web-based lost property solution, meets all the requirements of a modern lost property office. It all revolves around sophisticated search technologies, high return rates, straightforward administration of found items, lower communication costs and shorter storage times, hence lower depot costs. But most importantly: networked online searches of all participating data banks.

As a complete, centrally-run IT application, it covers all areas: It simplifies the job of lost property office staff, makes it easier for people to search for their lost items, and increases the return rate. Through the central data bank, all the participating regions and businesses can be included in the search. In Austria, the online lost property service is operated via www.fundamt.gv.at. Its Swiss counterpart is available at www.fundservice-schweiz.ch, while the German office can be contacted at fundinfo.de.

The benefits for you

  • Comprehensive support for lost property administration and customer service
  • Intuitive, barrier-free solution for the general public and staff
  • 24/7 online loss recording
  • Lower cost, thanks to automated confirmations and notifications
  • Improved return rate, thanks to the intelligent matching system and automated cross-checking
  • Linkage of the participating lost property offices
  • GDPR-compliant data storage
  • SaaS availability

Functional overview

  • Nova Find assists the lost & found office with every aspect of administering lost property, from recording the loss of an item through to its return, auction, sale or destruction.
  • Nova Find has a built-in storage monitoring feature, as well as a customisable reminder system. Letters, notifications and other details are automatically processed in multiple languages, and the finders and losers are kept informed through dedicated communication channels (post, email or text).
  • The software also contains notification and auction lists, as well as comprehensive statistics and ratings.
  • The info pages for official lost-item reports can be custom-integrated into the lost property office’s web portal.
  • A range of training, guidance and information options helps to guarantee service quality, and ensures that staff can use the software efficiently.

These and many other functions make lost property management the most advanced lost & found service in Europe.

The lost property service

Online 24/7, via mobile, tablet or desktop

Online loss reporting

Using the official loss report system, members of the public, passengers or customers can easily report their lost item online, and search the found items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on mobile, table or desktop.

Through the Nova Find network, all the affiliated lost property offices (such as municipal lost property depots, transport operators, swimming pools and police stations) can work from a single database. They can provide essential support:

  • Instant, language-independent matching
  • Instant recommendations for potential matches with found items at all participating lost property offices
  • Independent of opening hours
  • Rapid assistance in difficult situations, at any time of day

You can either link the official loss report tool to your website, or refer the customer to your country’s own lost property service.

We now offer a nationwide lost & found service in the following countries:

What if the person who lost the item has no internet access?

Even in this case, Nova Find makes it much easier for you to get information. By contacting the lost property office on the phone or in person,

  • you can instantly query the inventory, or search through all the found items recorded in the system,
  • and can register your loss report directly.

The mobile app and add-ons

Your (all-round) carefree package

We’ve gone beyond the software to offer you an all-inclusive no-worries package. Our mobile app is the ideal travel companion for your personnel on the move, and reduces day-to-day expenses.

You can also order lost & found labels, safe bags and hand scanners, even in small quantities. We offer standard models or products custom-designed for your city or organisation.

Mobile App

The rapid recording of found items doesn’t just make the process simpler for your staff. Returning property is so much easier, both on the move and when the item is collected from the office. No more unnecessary delays! Found items can be handed in directly to the drop-off point.

Less effort for you and your staff! Better service for your passengers and customers!

Lost property labels

The labels are barcoded, perforated and punched. The well-thought out design and convenient 11 x 20 cm format makes the labels easy to handle, and speeds up the processing of found items.


The SafeBags are made from top-grade plastic, to the highest quality and security standards, while the security seal protects against many forms of mechanical and non-mechanical tampering. Thanks to the reuse of plastic waste, our SafeBags are 85% made from post-consumer recycled materials.

Barcode hand scanner

To make processing of add-ons such as lost property labels and safebags easier, we recommend using hand scanners (for example the Datalogic Gryphon 4500) or the mobile app.

Loss prevention

Give the gift of safety

Give safety, with an accessory custom-made for your city or organisation!

The easyfind coding system means that objects – and even pets! – can be actively protected against loss.

Key rings, suitcase tags, stickers for mobile phones and laptops, collar tags for cats and dogs, as well as many more accessories make sure that your treasured possessions can be quickly returned to you by using the code on the back.

easyfind accessories are available in many different varieties, with a range of formats and colour options. All kinds of numbers can be made into easyfind codes. You can incorporate your serial, vehicle ID or passport number into an easyfind code, or use our codes for any purpose! The possibilities are almost unlimited!

Here’s how it works:

  • The easyfind code is logged on www.easyfind.com. The accessory is attached to an object such as a key ring or suitcase.
  • The found item can either be reported on www.easyfind.com, handed in to the lost property office, or dropped in the nearest mailbox.
  • The owner will be informed immediately and anonymously, by text and email. The finder never receives access to the owner’s personal details.
  • The item will be returned – quickly, uncomplicated, and GDPR compliant!