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Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult!

We know that introducing a new software program into any organisation presents a few hurdles. The easier and quicker it is to introduce the software, the higher the take-up of the new system, and the simpler and more efficient the changeover will be. We support you and your staff from the first click of the mouse.

From free tutorials covering the basics of Nova Find to standard training programmes and even tailor-made individual sessions on-site – we can provide all of this! Want to take a look at our Nova Find tutorials, or perhaps enquire about individual training?

Alternatively, you can register for one of our standard training programmes:



For a look behind the scenes, product news or answers to FAQs: you’ll find all this and much more in our free webinars.

Currently there are no webinars available.


Get started with a service that can only bring benefits.

Digitalisation is a word on everyone’s lips. “Going digital” is now becoming increasingly important for public-facing and customer services. Modern online services don’t just improve the service: they also make processes more efficient, and that helps to keep costs down.

Get started with a service that can only bring benefits. Help your customers and passengers quickly in an emergency, with an online portal to your lost & found service.

Not sure of the best approach? Need help with implementing a new process, or maybe just a couple of hints on how to optimise the lost property service of your city or organisation? No problem! We can also help you with that.

Our consultants are ready and waiting to advise you.