The digital lost and found

Learn how Nova Find makes your daily work in the lost and found office easier. The training will take place online on two consecutive mornings, each from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.


to 18.10.2023


– 13:00


Online training




385,- in EUR excl. VAT (the country-specific tax rates are applied)


min. 4

Target group

Funds service employees, clerks

What awaits you

The training will address the following processes, among others:

Creation of lost and found reports
Learn more about lost and found recording and public loss recording.
Learn about tracing and how to search for recorded finds and losses or use your own search patterns.
Hit Match
A lost and found matches a reported loss? Learn how to hand over the lost property to its:n owner:in or separate the balanced items again if necessary.
Warehouse management
Learn more about efficient management of found objects and storage locations.
Use standard reports and document templates, as well as multilingual correspondences for mail and email.
Tips & Tricks
Set favorites or configure columns according to your needs. Manage passwords and create new users.

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