DB Regio Bus

DB Regio AG is responsible for the local passenger transport of Deutsche Bahn AG in Germany. The company is divided into two divisions: Rail and Bus. On the regional transport network, DB Regio transports thousands of passengers every day. It is also responsible for all bus companies of the DB Group in Germany.


  • More than 20,000 lost property items per year in the regions of DB Regio Bus
  • Automatic matching of lost and found reports
  • Use of Nova Find in all regions of DB Regio Bus
  • Simplification for employees

“We are happy that the procurement of the lost property tool has developed into a true showcase project. A concrete need from the regions was coordinated centrally and implemented in productive cooperation. Thanks to all who contributed to this.”

Benita Katenkamp (Marketing Regio Bus), Marc Niederfeichtner (Applicationmanager ITK Regio Bus)

Every year, more than 20,000 items of lost property are collected in the regions of DB Regio Bus. These have to be collected, recorded and stored. One thing is obvious: this needs a strong lost property software.

Launch of a new lost property tool

In January 2020, DB Regio Bus started planning for a new lost property management system. In the process, the requirements were defined – with the inclusion of all interest groups. An appealing user interface as well as various technical implementation requests were at the top of the list of requirements. It quickly became clear that the new tool had to offer both a simple and fast input option, but also prompt information for passengers.

Nova Find was able to show its strengths in the selection process. Two components make it possible to cover all requirements. Firstly, the Nova Find tool, including the web app, in which employees of the customer centres or depots as well as drivers can record lost property and loss reports. Secondly, the interface for recording lost property, which enables passengers to record their lost property independently and at any time.

Pilot project & subsequent rollout

In April 2020, the pilot started at Weser-Ems Busgesellschaft. The test environment at Region Nord was thoroughly tested and feedback from users was collected. At the end of May 2020, the first employees of the Northern Region were trained. Shortly afterwards, the rollout started in the pilot region! This was then successively continued in other regions. In the meantime, all regions of DB Regio Bus use Nova Find for lost property management!

An absolutely successful implementation!

Project manager Benita Katenkamp (Marketing Regio Bus) and application manager Marc Niederfeichtner (ITK Regio Bus) are also pleased about the successful piloting and the regiowide rollout of the lost property tool. The cooperation during the project worked very well!