Best Practice: Accessibility at SBB

SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) is the largest travel and transport company in Switzerland. With the new public lost property registration of Nova Find, accessibility in the registration of lost items has been optimised – with success!

Highlights & Facts

  • 100% barrier-free recording of lost items possible at SBB
  • Fast and easy processing – even for people with disabilities
  • Accessible websites and web applications are more user-friendly and offer a better user experience
  • The Internet can only be used by people with motor, cognitive, visual or auditory impairments if appropriate accessibility guidelines are taken into account in design and development.

“I recently lost my dictaphone and then I submitted a lost property report on As a 100% blind person, it was very easy for me to report the loss straight away. The lost item was found.”

Susanne Gasser (President of the Swiss Federation of the Blind)